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No other home improvement project offers the return on investment that you’ll enjoy with new siding – especially fiber cement siding installation. A nationwide study found that installing quality fiber cement siding delivers the biggest “bang for your buck,” topping all other home remodeling projects, with vinyl siding also ranking in the top ten. James Hardie Siding logo That’s why your neighbors are turning to Lakeside Exteriors to discover their St. Louis siding options. We are the only James Hardie® Preferred Remodeler in the entire St. Louis region, which means we are the top installer of the nation’s fastest growing siding product – James Hardie® fiber cement. Over 5.5 million American homes are now protected by fiber cement siding.


Lakeside Exteriors also offers the option of vinyl siding for your home, with quality products from leading manufacturers to ensure long lasting beauty with virtually no maintenance. Our vinyl siding St. Louis products are a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your home while reducing energy costs.

For the best home improvement investment you can make, contact the James Hardie® siding installation experts at Lakeside Exteriors. We make the James Hardie siding installation process easy, fast and affordable, giving you years of low-maintenance, high-value beauty and protection. Because James Hardie products with ColorPlus® Technology are manufactured to be dimensionally stable, paint stays on the boards longer than products that expand and contract with moisture exposure. Wood and wood-based products tend to move significantly with absorption of water, causing higher likeliness of paint cracking, chipping and peeling.

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Researching your re-siding options can provide big returns in the beauty, maintenance and resale value of your home. In this FREE PDF e-book from Lakeside Exteriors, we share with you the most important things homeowners, like you, should know before undertaking a project like this.

James Hardie ColorPlus® Technology for Fiber Cement Siding.

ColorPlus® from James Hardie is a unified composition of advanced fiber-cement and baked-on pigment that combines the highest quality raw materials, manufacturing processes, advanced paint technology and innovative color processes that gives homeowners a superior total siding solution for their homes.

ColorPlus logo

James Hardie® is the only Fiber Cement Siding manufacturer that controls the product from the initial mixing of the cement to final painting in a single facility. To ensure quality control, over 41 quality assurance checks are made throughout the manufacturing process and each batch is tested for long-term durability.

ColorPlus® paint was developed especially for James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding. The end result is a durable, low-maintenance finish that lasts up to two times longer, has 30% better fade resistance and adheres up to 400% better than other paints.

ColorPlus color comparison

James Hardie® backs its ColorPlus® technology finish with a 15-year warranty that covers both paint and labor.

All of this means that when James Hardie ColorPlus® is chosen, there is assurance that the most durable, low-maintenance, highest-quality siding product possible is on your home.

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HardiePlank® Siding

HardiePlank® lap Fiber Cement Siding from James Hardie® is a popular siding in America and can be found on millions of U.S. homes. It is a great option for homeowners who want the beautiful look of wood siding without the large maintenance requirement of wood. Lakeside Exteriors Inc is the largest James Hardie Fiber Cement remodel installer in the USA.

A home’s exterior is the primary means of protection from weather extremes. With its strength, beauty and durability, HardiePlank Fiber Cement Siding enhances and protects homes in all kinds of climates – particularly the extreme hot/cold temperatures and humidity’s experienced in the St. Louis region.

HardiePlank® Fiber Cement Siding is available in a variety of looks and textures, Select Cedarmill®, Smooth, Beaded Select Cedarmill, and Beaded Smooth.

James Hardie ColorPlus® Technology provides a wide variety of designer colors for the HardiePlank siding. Thus, the variety of looks, textures and colors offers the homeowner a wide variety of options from which to choose.

HardiePlank color texture options

St. Louis region homeowners can be confident in knowing that the investment in HardiePlank siding will not only distinctively beautify their home but also enhance its value. A 2006 Replacement Magazine Cost Value Report stated that upscale siding would recoup an average of 101.2% (!) of the investment when sold 1-year following the remodel. Our upscale Fiber Cement Siding of choice, James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding: HardiePlank.

Some important characteristics of HardiePlank® siding include:

  • Resists damage from our hot, cold and wet St. Louis climate; it will not rot or crack, even in weather extremes.
  • Flame retardant (some insurance companies offer the same rates as for masonry homes).
  • Resists damage from termites and other wood-eating insects.
  • Long-lasting – resists rotting, warping, cracking, buckling and swelling.
  • Low-maintenance, the ColorPlus® Collection provides pre-finished siding in designer colors.
  • Durable – Resists damage from hail and flying debris.

HardiePlank Fiber Cement Siding from James Hardie® comes with a 30-year non-prorated, transferable limited warranty.

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HardieShingle® Siding

HardieShingle® Siding from James Hardie® has the same warm, authentic look as cedar shingles, yet it doesn’t rot, crack or split. It is beautiful as a primary siding or as a compliment to other styles of James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding. The HardieShingle Fiber Cement Siding panels come in staggered and straight edges.

HardieShingle options

HardieShingle offers the distinctive look of wood shingles with the low maintenance and durability of fiber cement. A variety of styles and profiles allow almost any structure to achieve charming architectural designs. For its strength, its beauty, and its durability, HardieShingle Fiber Cement Siding is simply the best siding for enhancing and protecting your home. For a custom-tailored look choose James Hardie® HardieShingle.

James Hardie® HardieShingle siding products are available with a 30-year transferable limited warranty.

HardiePanel® Siding

HardiePanel® from James Hardie is available for applications that call for vertical siding. HardiePanel vertical siding is equal to lap siding in value and long-lasting performance.

Because of its structural strength, HardiePanel siding may be used as a shear panel. When combined with HardieTrim® planks, it can also help achieve a board-and-batten look. Lakeside Exteriors Inc has installed James Hardie® HardiePanel Fiber Cement Siding on many St. Louis tudor-style homes. For an uninterrupted sleek look, the siding can be installed without trim.

HardiePanel Fiber Cement Siding resists fungus and mildew and has the same characteristics as HardiePlank® Fiber Cement Siding. It comes with a 30-year non-prorated, transferable, limited warranty.

HardiePanel comes in a variety of wood-grain textures and is also available in smooth and stucco patterns. For strength, beauty and durability, the very best vertical siding for protecting St. Louis residences from the elements is James Hardie® HardiePanel.

HardiePanel options

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HardieTrim® & Fascia

HardieTrim® Fiber Cement trim and fascia adds a finishing touch to a beautiful, long lasting James Hardie® Fiber Cement Sided home. It provides unmatched durability in corners, columns, window frames, fascia and tudor styles.

HardieTrim resists fungus and mildew, even in our humid St. Louis climate. HardieTrim comes with a 15-year transferable limited warranty. For ultimate durability and beauty – you cannot beat HardieTrim.

HardieTrim options

HardieSoffit® Panels

HardieSoffit® Fiber Cement soffit panels by James Hardie® add to the functionality, durability and beauty of a home.

HardieSoffit® panels are available in vented and non-vented Cedarmill® or Smooth. They resist fungus and mildew even in the hot, humid St. Louis climate. For a full 30-year non-prorated, transferable, limited warranty.

HardieSoffit options


HardieShutters are custom designed, built and installed by Lakeside Exteriors craftsmen. They provide a unified, beautiful look to any St. Louis area home.

*James Hardie’s warranty is NOT VALID for this custom product, as such use is not the original intended purpose covered by the product warranty.

HardieZone® Siding System Tailored for St. Louis’ Weather

James Hardie® has engineered their siding products specifically for specific regional climate zones and weather patterns. James Hardie scientists have taken into consideration eight distinct variables to consider regarding the exterior of your home. The relevant factors for St. Louis area are:

  1. Temperature Range
  2. UV radiation;
  3. Humidity
  4. Rainfall
  5. Snow
  6. Hail
  7. Topographical Features
  8. High Winds

These are factors that are seldom addressed by manufacturers of vinyl siding, aluminum siding, hardboard siding, stucco siding and other siding materials.

With the HardieZone® System, James Hardie has added unique proprietary components to their product lines to further enhance the characteristics that you, as a homeowner, are looking for.

  • The absorption rate of water has been reduced. Wind-driven rain penetrates through siding through a process called capillary suction. This has been greatly reduced through HardieZone® technology.
  • The surface has been fortified for superior paint performance and durability.
  • The siding formulation has been modified to enhance Hardie’s strength in resisting the freeze/thaw cycle.
  • The drip edge has been altered with an angled water jet edge cut to accelerate the water shedding process.

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James Hardie® Siding FAQ

This is just a few of the frequently asked questions that we get. If we have not answered what’s on your mind, please contact one of our specialist and we would be happy to do so, 636-978-5000.

James Hardie Siding logo

Q. What is the composition of James Hardie replacement siding?

A. Only the finest raw materials are used in James Hardie fiber-cement (HardiePlank, HardieShingle, and HardiePanel). Premium Portland Cement, finely-ground sand, natural cellulose fibers, and water are combined and cured through a proprietary manufacturing process into the most durable siding.

Q. How long has James Hardie Industries been in business?

A. James Hardie Industries was founded in Australia in 1888 and began selling cement products in 1903. The company opened its first US manufacturing plant in Fontana, California in 1989. Most James Hardie products installed in the St. Louis metropolitan area are manufactured at a modern plant in Peruque, IL. Hardiplank is now manufactured in eight plants in the US and has been installed on over 5.5 million homes.

Q. How is James Hardie siding installed?

A. In most cases, the existing siding is removed. An underlayment to protect against moisture infiltrations is first applied to the exterior of the house, then the HardiePlank, HardieShingles, or HardiePanels are nailed to the existing structure. No nails are visible on HardiePlanks or HardieShingles.

Q. I have a stucco house. Does James Hardie offer a stucco look?

A. Yes, James Hardie offers four types of panels to accomodate architectural styles including Tudor and stucco that do not use lap-style siding.

Q. If I have James Hardie fiber-cement installed, will I be eligible for an insurance discount?

A. We have learned that many of our customers have realized significant homeowners insurance savings with the masonry based fiber-cement siding. However, not all insurance companies discount for this.

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